Custom Dust Covers

If you aren’t finding your dust cover in our store or you have a custom set up, we can fabricate one to fit your needs.   Fill out the form below or give us a call so we can send you an accurate quote. (616) 291-9433.

Custom Turntable Covers

Here’s a list of some of the custom turntable dust covers that we have made: Thorens, Project, Rega, Technics, Kuzma, Transrotor, Well Tempered, TW Raven, EAT, Lenco, Townshend, Empire, Michell, Oracle, Origin Live, and more.

Custom Amp Covers

We can custom dust covers for any of the following brands: McIntosh, Cary, Bel Canto, PrimoLuna, Elekit, Willsenton, Yaqin, Icon Audio, Cayin, Feliks Audio, Audio Research, Voxativ, Lyric Audio, Ayon Audio, Rogue Audio, ModWright, & Manley. We can add vents on top to allow heat to escape.


Hi Norm,

I only opened the box today after I arrived from a vacation out of the country days ago. Wow! Just Wow! First of all, the packing is 2nd to none. Now for the TT cover. Wow! I am blown away with the craftsmanship of this TT acrylic cover. And thank you for the free etching you did of the VPI logo on the side. Just stunning.

I am a member of Table Talk group on FB. I will post photos and would include the website.

Again, thank you so much. I think this is a perfect Christmas gift I purchase for myself. Thank you so much for making it happen. It was pleasant to do business with you.

How do I send out a review on your company’s website about my purchase experience and the quality of your TT’s acrylic cover?

Thank you again!

The turntable cover received, artfully packed, and it is exactly what I wanted. Truly, a thing of beauty. Many thanks!
Cheers, Rich

I am remiss in not thanking you sooner for THE EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE I received…your performance was excellent and appreciated!
Good evening Norman, Wow, what an impressive cover! Sincerely appreciate your business; the excellence of your fit and finish workmanship and the (drumroll) the VPI inscription. Bravo, please count me in as a reference. Best, John
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