Acrylic Turntable Dust Covers

Protect your valuable turntables from dust, children, and pets. Our dust covers are museum-grade. Built by an audiophile junkie for audiophile junkies.

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Not seeing your turntable cover? We make custom acrylic dust covers too! Click the button to get started.


Steven’s AMG Dust Cover

This is what Steven had to say about our dust cover:

My new dust cover caresses my prized possession with a whisper-soft touch, a luxurious shroud that shimmers with an inner light. Like a whispered secret, it drapes itself, its very form a silent promise of protection.

The jewel tones catch the light, sending shards of color dancing across its surface, a mesmerizing display that hints at the treasure it conceals.

Running my fingers along its smooth expanse, the coolness sends a shiver down my spine. It yields ever so slightly, a silent invitation to unveil the beauty it safeguards. But for now, the anticipation thrums, the hidden form a tantalizing mystery waiting to be revealed.

In this play of light and shadow, my dust cover becomes more than just protection; it’s a promise, a hint at the exquisite treasure it guards. It ignites my imagination, whispering of the beauty that lies beneath, waiting to be adored.

Norm, thank you for my new treasure,


Exceptional Customer Service

I am remiss in not thanking you sooner for THE EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE I received…your performance was excellent and appreciated!

It Fits Beautifully


The cover was delivered on Tuesday and I opened it yesterday and I got to tell you it looks better than I expected, a wonderful job my friend, the best I’ve seen better than Gingko or other well-known companies, on top of it all your packing job is incredible and the box arrived with not even the slightest ding, fantastic !

It fits beautifully and to the exact measurements. well, I appreciate it i will be leaving town tomorrow with a smile on my face.

Thanks again

Truly a Thing of Beauty

The turntable cover received, artfully packed, and it is exactly what I wanted. Truly, a thing of beauty. Many thanks!

Cheers, Rich

Thanks again

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