Thorens TD 124 Dust Cover

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Thorens TD acrylic dust cover.  If you need custom cover, let us know.

  • Clear
  • Light Smoke (Currently Unavailable) +$15.00
  • Dark Smoke (Currently Unavailable) +$15.00
  • Yes
  • No

1 review for Thorens TD 124 Dust Cover

  1. Alyssa

    I still have my first stereo, it is a Dyna PAS-3, the Dyna tuner, and two Dyna MK 111 amps. The one Mark 111 had the eltotrclyeic capacitor fail, which has an unusual high voltage and I could never find a replacment for it until about a month ago. I think I may look into getting this upgraded and going again. I have no other tube component stereo equipment other than the Dyna.

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