This is what Steven had to say about our dust cover:

My new dust cover caresses my prized possession with a whisper-soft touch, a luxurious shroud that shimmers with an inner light. Like a whispered secret, it drapes itself, its very form a silent promise of protection.

The jewel tones catch the light, sending shards of color dancing across its surface, a mesmerizing display that hints at the treasure it conceals.

Running my fingers along its smooth expanse, the coolness sends a shiver down my spine. It yields ever so slightly, a silent invitation to unveil the beauty it safeguards. But for now, the anticipation thrums, the hidden form a tantalizing mystery waiting to be revealed.

In this play of light and shadow, my dust cover becomes more than just protection; it’s a promise, a hint at the exquisite treasure it guards. It ignites my imagination, whispering of the beauty that lies beneath, waiting to be adored.

Norm, thank you for my new treasure,


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