Michigan and snow go hand in hand but this winter was ridiculous. Too much snow and way to freak in cold. It wasn’t just us but other are in the country felt the above normal winter attack of biting temperatures and 2-3 feet of snow. One of the many blessings that we all participated in was keeping warm and feeling close to family and loves ones. It had to have taken a lot of music, good wine & scotch to just let us kick back and chill while listening to Miles Davis, Steely Dan, & Drake or whatever it is that’s on your turntable at that moment when you knew it was not a good idea to go outdoors. Stereo Squares sold a lot of turntable dust covers over the past two months so we think the harsh winter that swept across the country wasn’t all that bad. Thanks for all the Audiophiles that bought new Vpi Classic 3′s and Vpi Classic 2 turntables it was our treat also. So crack open the scotch you were saving for special guest or that tea you got while traveling abroad and just put on your best Lp and sit back and toast to a good life. Good music on vinyl rules. So keep your Clearaudio, Basis, Nottingham, Pro ject or whatever Turntable you are spinning because spring is just a few albums away.
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